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Your team exceeded expectations in painting our hallways. Thank You!!

Oscar is the Master of detailing. Many painted areas appeared OK to me but they did not meet his standards. Please extend our Thanks to all.

Charles J. McMenamin



I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on this small, but yet challenging project. I know things got intense at times throughout the job, but you came through and we appreciate it.

I want to acknowledge all of your crew that was on site and their hard work. I would also like to say thank you to EG. I have to say that starting off in the beginning of the project was rough and I had my reservations, but you came through. You had crews on site when needing  to meet demands and the schedule, was courteous, professional and respectful, returned all phone calls and emails at a timely madder and most of all delivered a quality product.

Thanks again Plummer Painting.

Thank You,
Peter Esposito/Superintendent II /  Gilbane Building Company
315 E. Robinson Street |Suite 680 |Orlando, FL 32801
OFFICE.407.422.7691  /FAX. 407.541.5930/Mobil. 407.205.5070

Proctor Construction Co.



Lee & Associates

Steve :

It is encouraging to note that your company continues to exhibit customer service . Unfortunately, in our day to day dealings, many companies have forgotten the impact customer service played in building their businesses.

As you know Plummer was the original contractor on the Douglas Grand and your company has been retained over the past 8 years for various projects. I needed to put in print that 8 years later, the follow up continues to exceed our expectations... led by Bryan.

We look forward to continuing our future working relationship with Plummer. Please extend our THANKS to your team.

Charles J McMenamin
Vice President Master Association

Aagaard - Juergensen